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Cairo is a city of surprises. It is a city where one never knows when he or she might stumble upon some half-forgotten monument. It is the home to best Pharaonic, Coptic and Islamic sights in Egypt. Cairo is the capital city of Egypt, and the biggest city of Africa. It isinvigorating, captivating, effervescent and hospitable city at the same time. Cairo is a shoppers paradise: not only can one get everything in the markets but one can also see the items in their making.
The breeze flowing from the river Nile offers relief from the summer heat, which makes accommodation by the Nile a pleasant stay. The temperature in Cairo remains moderate throughout the year except for some specific times in summer, July is the hottest month and temperatures as high as 36°C and above are common. January is the best time to visit with temperature ranging between 15°C - 20°C.
Tourist attractions in Cairo
The Pyramids

They top the list of tourist attractions in every Cairo tour guide.And the pyramids are the main reason for most behind visiting Egypt and especially Cairo.
The great Pyramid of Khulfu (or Cheops), the Pyramid of Kafhre, the smaller Pyramid of Menkaura are the three main Pyramids of Cairo
Getting around the pyramids is very easy - one can hike, ride a horse or take a camel ride. One can always take a Buggy for the pyramids.
The Sphinx

Abu al - Hol meaning "the father of terror", an enormous cat like sculpture carved out of a single block of stone, has fascinated millions of visitors.
A light and sound show is a nightly affair centred around the Sphinx.
Coptic Cairo

Coptic Cairo or Masr -al Qadima is the oldest part of the city. People often describe this area as the area of Fustat - the first Muslim city to be established in the area. Emperor Trajan constructed the fortress of Babylon that marked The Roman rule.
It is the center for the Coptic Christian Community and the place to find the Churches of Egypt.
Top places to visit are - Babylon Fort, Hanging Church, Ben Ezra Synagogue, The Religion Compound, The Coptic Museum, Coptic Cemetery of Old Cairo, Church of St. Serigius(Abu Serga), Convent of St. George and, St. Mercurius (Abu Seifein) Church.
Islamic Cairo
Be ready to haggle, as this is the shopping destination for all tourists.
Ranked as one of the top ten attractions of Egypt, it is a must visit.
Khan Al - Khalili one of the oldest bazaars in the world should top your list - taking in the sights, smells and sounds of life in all its commotion and splendor - one can shop for carpets, camels, shoes, books and veils or whatever else takes your fancy.
Mosque of Muhammad Ali (named after the 19th Century priest), Ibn Tulun(one of the oldest mosques of the world) and the Al - Azhar Mosque(has the oldest University of the world in its compound) are other places of interest in Cairo.
Qarafa (The City of the Dead)

It may not sound like the liveliest part of the world but this is one of the oldest cemeteries and offers accommodation to Cairenes, who want to stay close to their ancestors.
The places of interest in Qarafa are the colorful tomb of Sultan Farag Ibn Barquq(411 CE), Sufi Hostel of Sultan Al Ashraf Barsbay, Saladin's Citadel, gates of the Mausoleum of Sultan Qaitbay, Mosque of Amir Qurqumas and the tomb of Khedive Taufik.
Other top exciting places to visit in and around Cairo are the Egyptian Museum(in Luxor), Falluca(on the Nile), Whirling Dervishes (performances by Sufi dancers at the Citadel on Wednesday and Saturday nights at the Mausoleum of Al-Ghouri in Islamic Cairo) and the Cairo Tower.
You must have read in the Cairo guide that if you haven't tried the street food of Cairo - your tour of Cairo is not complete. Here is the must have street food in Cairo - Fiteer (Egyptian Pancake), Taamiya (Falafel made up of Fava Beans), Fuul, Kosharey and the must have roadside grilled corn.
Have fun touring Cairo!
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